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Case Study: Rotationplasty for Osteosarcoma

Liam playing soccer

Van Nes rotationplasty surgery for osteosarcoma is a “functional amputation” in which the the foot is rotated 180 degrees on the vertical axis and the ankle becomes a functioning knee joint.

Endocrinology Chief Diva D. De León-Crutchlow, MD, MSCE, Featured in Her Home Country of Panama

Diva D. De León-Crutchlow, MD, MSCE in the lab

In a special segment broadcast in Panama, Diva D. De León-Crutchlow, MD, MSCE, recalled her path from her home county to her role as Chief of the Division of Endocrinology and Diabetes and Director of the Congenital Hyperinsulinism Center at Children's Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP).

CHOP Psychiatrist Discusses Big Feelings About COVID-19 on CNN

Dr. Wanjiku Njoroge, medical director of the Young Child Clinic, gave parents tips on how to talk to kids about COVID-19.

CHOP Teams Explore Experimental Treatments for COVID-19

As COVID-19 continues to spread worldwide, teams at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia are using a collaborative approach to identify and test potential treatments.

A Path Through the Unknown: How CHOP’s Unique Model for Predicting COVID-19 Spread is Helping the United States Navigate the Pandemic

COVID-19 Prediction model graph

Learn how CHOP’s unique model for predicting COVID-19 spread is helping the country navigate the pandemic.

Pioneers in Hyperinsulinism: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

Dr. Adzick holding baby

CHOP’s groundbreaking expertise in treating children with congenital hyperinsulinism (HI) began more than 50 years ago and draws patients from all over the world.

Genetics Collaborative Follows Unique Blueprint to Individualize Medicine

The IMGC coordinates a genetic testing plan that provides accurate and comprehensive test results within a few weeks.

New Care Guidelines Cover Patients with Mitochondrial Disease

Physicians who see patients with mitochondrial disease have a practical new tool: the first published care standards to guide clinical care.

After One Dose of Gene Therapy Hemophilia B Patients Maintain Near-normal Levels of Clotting Factor

In a clinical trial led by Children's Hospital, adult patients with hemophilia B were able to pursue daily activities without disabling bleeds.

Fetal Surgery Successfully Removes Life-threatening Tumor Connected to Heart

Tucker, Fetal patient

Fetal medicine experts at Children's Hospital have performed prenatal heart surgery to remove a life-threatening tumor, called intrapericardial teratoma.

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