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Pediatric Care for International Families

Pediatric Care for International Families

When a family seeks the best medical care for their child, they may look beyond their home country. Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) has welcomed thousands of international patients for care in nearly every pediatric specialty through our Global Patient Services team. We’re looking forward to meeting your family, too. Get to know our Hospital, our city, and the many innovative ways we care for children and their families.


We have so many ways to help you feel more at home during your stay in Philadelphia. In this video, you’ll learn how to prepare for your trip, what to expect when you arrive, and how to access the amenities available to international patients and families.

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Our priority is to make your experience coming to our hospital and staying in Philadelphia for your child’s care as easy as possible.

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We offer best-in-class pediatric healthcare. Learn about some of our leading programs and the advanced medical care available at Children’s Hospital.

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Desmoplastic infantile ganglioglioma: Marcel’s story

Marcel's family traveled to the U.S.A. for specialized care for a rare brain tumor. Now, he's home and active toddler.

Marcel’s Story

Our Global Patient Services Family Is Here to Care for Yours

Throughout our long history, Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia has been known as a leader in family-centered care. This means that while your child is receiving the highest quality medical care, your family will be made to feel safe, welcome and well-informed. Our Global Patient Services team will help you be active participants in your child’s care — because you are the most important people in your child’s life. And from interpreters to suggestions for places to shop and worship, we’ll connect you with all the resources we have to help you feel more at home, no matter how far away home might be.

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